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  One pint slow release bonsai food Price: $3.95 each

  Why? How? When?
For a bonsai tree to thrive, the soil it grows in must always have its nutritional content replenished. Trees use carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the air, and water and some chemicals/substances from the soil to create and manufacture their own starch and sugars, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and enzymes.
These crucial chemicals can be found from the mineral part of the soil (sands/clays etc) and from dead organic matter (fallen leaves and dead plant matter). However, in the confines of a bonsai container these elements are constantly lost.

The most important elements that are required in relatively large amounts for trees to grow satisfactorily are: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. There are a further number of 'trace elements' that are required to be present in the soil but only in small quantities. To prevent these mandatory nutrients from loosing completely, it is necessary to regularly apply a right kind of fertilizer, that is, it is very important that a fertilizer with the correct nutritional balance is used. Unless ones are expert in growing certain types of trees and plants for their particular features such as flowers, fruits, colors of the leaves, etc., we recommend a fertilizer that provides balanced contents, that is, all three mentioned elements (NPK) are listed as being equal (for instance 10:10:10 or 14:14:14).

  Our Formula?
There are certainly many forms of fertilizers (or bonsai foods) in the market, most widely used is the soluble type of plant food. Since soluble fertilizers are mixed with water and are applied to the soils, surplus of fertilizer runs out of the drainage holes of the pot right away, ones must then
remember to re-supply the trees with these foods in a timely manner. We therefore recommend our solid bonsai foods that have been used throughout our nursery for many years and proved working successfully. We have mixed two types of slow release pellets and granules in our tree food recipe: An organic slow release pellets with 10:10:10 (not too strong or too weak), and a temperature controlled slow release granular foods 14:14:14. The small amount and lighter slow release organic food will slowly release nutrients every time the tree is watered; whereas, the temperature controlled foods will be released only when temperature raises to 65 F and above during active growing seasons. The primary advantage of our recommended bonsai foods is that they continually supply the tree with the right amounts of nutrients and only require replacing every three to four months in spring and summer so are less time-consuming to apply.

We also have balanced fertilizer for bonsai in autumn when the tree growth rate has slow down. Our granule autumn feed is in the ratio of 5-10-10.
  One pint autumn feed bonsai food Price: $3.95 each

  General Guideline

  • Do feed your trees regularly; they are essential to the health of your bonsai.
  • Do use the right NPK balance; they can ensure a balance growth in various parts of the trees.
  • Don't feed trees when they are in dormancy, or use our mixture of slow temperature control released foods; otherwise the remains of the substances/chemicals unused in the compost will result in roots burn or damage.
  • Don't feed trees that are unhealthy; a sick tree is unlikely to take up nutrients and again the remains of the substance is likely to do more harm.
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