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Eastern Hornbeam juvenile tree Price: $8.90 each
Zone 5-10.   Eastern hornbeams include Korean hornbeam, Japanese hornbeam, and Oriental hornbeam. In ground, this hornbeam tree can slowly reach a height and spread of 20 to 30 feet (however, the eastern hornbeam may look somewhat smaller than the Western hornbeams). Hornbeam, especially the tree from Asia will grow with an attractive open habit in total shade, and become denser in full sun. The muscle-like bark is smooth, gray and fluted. Due to the beautiful foliages and respond well to pruning and training, the hornbeam tree is widely used in bonsai. It is also used in oriental garden.  6"-12".

Needs a matched bonsai pot to go with the Eastern Hornbeam juvenile? We recommend a beautifully (two-toned) glazed 4"-5" handthrown bonsai pot (see second slide sample picture above).
Buy both the hornbeam and handmade pot and SAVE!
Buy the tree & pot bundle now for $22.80

Hornbeam Bonsai Kit Price: $39.90
Double the package size* Price: $54.50
Upgrade the kit bundle** Price: $65.00
* When you double the size of the package, you would receive two seedlings, two different sized pots, additional soils and plant food.
** The upgrade bundle will include the double package size deal plus the Bonsai Almanac Video Series, volume one - Thriving Bonsai (total bundle value over $100.00).
Check out what are included in the kit:
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