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Transplant the Beauty of the Outdoors

                     into Your Home

We have a special way of arranging plants in miniature, with each planting carefully created and nurtured over time to reflect the grand splendor of nature. We use trees, plants or grasses that encompass different textures, forms, sizes, colors, and flowering times, or even an herbal variety that may yield an aromatic scent. These exhilarating arrangements are the result of continuous and careful refinement.

Our designs are somewhat related to Shohin, Mame (pronounced "Ma-May") and Shito, the smallest of bonsai in Japan.

Some of our arrangement are focusing on more than just a single tree, they involve trees and plants of different types to create more realistic landscapes in miniature. Just as one enjoys the plants in a garden, these arrangements complement each individual plant and together form a natural ensemble pleasing to the eye.

Many gift bonsai currently available on the market are mass produced, the result is a product that reflects that mentality, meaning the prevalence of the same type of tree all the same age, making for a very monotonous product. On the other hand we strive to make every one of our bonsai a unique work of art. Our artists strive to recreate an individual and harmonic relfection of nature.

WELCOME!  We, a small group of natural artists, have committed ourselves to appreciating Bonsai as the traditional art form it is. The inherent beauty of nature is something to be cherished, and can be found in the amazing individuality of every plant. We would like to share this sensibility and our enthusiasm for preserving nature's wonders with you through the hobby of Bonsai.

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"Potted Scenic View in Miniature"-- Allow our artists create the art that recreates the outdoor experience for you.




Imagine your weekend getaway to a tropical paradise island, or to a apple picking trip in the orchard land, or to a hiking trail that leads to mountain summits; or meandering along high ridges, into open deserts; or through a forest with a refreshing waterfall at your back, as each turn offers a new perspective, from a boulder or shrub that you have to step around to see the next view. These potted landscape designs reflect all the above effects in spite of their much smaller scales in comparison with the true nature cousins.




Interested?  Want to create your own natural world in miniature?

We develop our bonsai trees from seeds and seedlings, and so can you ....

Regardless of how small or how young the bonsai material may be, the cultivating and growing of each bonsai tree requires vision, patient, and dedicated care.


There are certain elements to acertain in bonsai design. 


Learn “What to look for in a bonsai tree”. 

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Pleasing to The Eye

The Bonsai Design Essentials:

Healthy Foliage Color

Sufficient Limbs to Hold Out Balance

Good proportional Trunk Size

Suitable choice of container that pleasantly matches the tree

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We are also proud to present "First Come First Served" on the "What You See Is What You Get" collection: This means that the actual tree/plant as shown in the picture will be for sale.  


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