All Purpose Organic Bonsai Fertilizer [One Year Supply]

All Purpose Organic Bonsai Fertilizer [One Year Supply]


For a bonsai tree to thrive, the soil it grows in must always have its nutritional content replenished. Trees use carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from the air, and water and some chemicals/substances from the soil to create and manufacture their own starch and sugars, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. These crucial chemicals can be found from the mineral part of the soil and from dead organic matter. However, in the confines of a bonsai container these elements are constantly lost. To prevent these mandatory nutrients from loosening up completely, it is necessary to regularly apply a fertilizer with balanced contents. Most bonsai foods used in the market are soluble plant foods. Soluble fertilizers are mixed with water and applied to the soil, with most of the fertilizer draining away with the water, making it necessary to constantly put more fertilizer. However, our solid bonsai foods have been used throughout our nursery for many years and have been proven to work successfully. The small amount and lighter slow release organic food will slowly release nutrients every time the tree is watered. This fertilizer pack consists of 12 packets of bonsai fertilizer, which will last an entire year, as each packet needs to be applied only once a month.


Our "Planting Warmth" campaign is not only created as a form of art for gift giving and collecting, but also to bring warm wishes to people in despair. We will give a small percentage of the revenue from each order to people who are dismal from hardship.

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