An Indoor Muscular Bonsai Tree

An Indoor Muscular Bonsai Tree


• A muscular style Bonsai for him. A perfect Father's Day or Valentine Day Gift. 
• An exquisite pieces of artistry of outdoors in miniature and yet form a visible display in your home or office. 
• Elegant and endearing this tree is very lively and is well-proportioned. 
• Easy, drought tolerant bonsai that would survive in any indoor setting; even a novice can keep it well and alive. 
• Come with general bonsai care instruction, and organic balanced mix bonsai food (fertilizer). 

This is a very impressive bonsai tree. Albeit dwarf in size, this tree has a thick trunk base, exposed roots - attractive features of bonsai. Quite healthy and strong, it is the result of meticulous and consistent care over the years. Its overall impression is that of a strong tree that shows an upright style determined by the shape of its profound trunk and balanced by its impressive, strong roots a reminiscent of the grand splendor found in nature. The miniature variegated jade is an indoor adaptable plant that can survive; it would add a display value at your home. It is finished with fresh green moss and/or ground cover to enhance its detailed layout. Bonsai measures approximately 6 to 7 inches in height. Sitting in quality handmade/hand-thrown bonsai pot. Planter shape and color may vary.


Our "Planting Warmth" campaign is not only created as a form of art for gift giving and collecting, but also to bring warm wishes to people in despair. We will give a small percentage of the revenue from each order to people who are dismal from hardship.

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