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Flowering "Good Multi-Trunk" Bonsai Tree

Flowering "Good Multi-Trunk" Bonsai Tree


About the plant: Beautiful bitter root bonsai plant. This plant has very fleshy green leaves and, sometimes, magenta-red flowers creating a very ornamental look complimented by an environmentally conservative pot made from 100% recycled materials. Slow growing to about 6 inches. Great bonsai especially for beginners.

Planting Warmth is our special line of bonsai that is unique from other bonsai products. It cannot be found in the market for several reasons. This bonsai campaign is tons of fun, as it features a number of collectible plants that can grow in various environments . Each one displays individuality in its growth; one plant could flower, another could give berries, and yet another could have beautiful foliage. We are environmentally concerned, and that is why we make each container out of 100% recycled plastic, as we believe in reducing the waste that causes pollution and harming the natural environment. These pots last a very long time and are very durable. These bonsai are not just pleasing to the eye. Each plant can warm a person’s heart as for each purchase, we take a percent of the profit to help provide people with hardships, including those in colder areas who need heat during winter time. You can subscribe to the “planting warmth” campaign on our site to see what we have done with these contributions. There are lots of bonsai variations, including plant type, color, size, and our special glow in the dark feature. Choose from our range of containers, including fun drum-style pots, or cute pots, each with its own special expression!

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