Handcrafted Live Kitchen Bonsai Plants

Handcrafted Live Kitchen Bonsai Plants


• Bonsai accent plants and grass combo in a lovely mini blue bonsai container. 
• A mixture of exotic plants and grass that encompass different textures, forms, colors and flowers. 
• Sits in a QUALITY & HANDMADE deep cobalt blue dual usage pitcher holder - can be used as humidity holder or to serve sugar/cream in kitchen. 
• A VERY special gift that dresses up any corner at home (especially kitchen) or office. 

A cheerful unique kitchen bonsai plants to display in home or kitchen. This tall -- sometimes arching, sometimes straight -- burst of "fibreoptics" grass blades and flowering plant mixture is reminiscent of luminescent fibreoptic light fixtures or, as available, the second variety resembling a tuft of sculpted grass blades, each mixed with a flowering plant whose leaves and flowers provide color. Both the grass and plant uniquely combine to produce colorful highlights. Planted in a deep cobalt blue ceramic holder, which in turn is nestled within a custom-designed, two toned, handmade glazed pitcher. This feature helps retain humidity, providing for less frequent watering, a simple watering spout, and a sculpted handle. Overall height approximately 5-6 inches or more.


Our "Planting Warmth" campaign is not only created as a form of art for gift giving and collecting, but also to bring warm wishes to people in despair. We will give a small percentage of the revenue from each order to people who are dismal from hardship.

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