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Handcrafted 'Tropical Island' Bonsai Tree

Handcrafted 'Tropical Island' Bonsai Tree


. Upright multiple trees with fresh to hunter green foliage.
. Compact branching habit plus ground vegetation and/or moss.
. Design Theme: Tropical Island with In-Depth View.
. In Ancient Japanese Kamakura Period Styled Handmade Pot.
. EASY to CARE for.

This is a customized item. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks to deliver. Description: This design would evoke images of lush tropical forests, pristine beaches, sultry offshore breezes, and etc. The exotic effect of this dwarf island landscape is due mostly to the plants that frame it, and the overall design seems perfectly natural. Best display on top of your office desk. It would certainly help your mind escape to a tropical island paradise. VERY REWARDING! Height from 7" to 8" in an approximately 7" container.

The colors of the handmade planter may vary.

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