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Indoor Flowering Cherry Tree

Indoor Flowering Cherry Tree


• A dwarf tree centerpiece - its symmetry conveys harmony and tranquility - very soothing to look at. Currently sitting in quality handmade ceramic pot.
• An indoor evergreen tree from a temperate climate, it will add a splash of green to your surroundings.
• Quite adorable, thick and dark green canopy resembles the overall well-being of a mature tree in nature.
• Will produce white flowers in summer at your home.
• Come with care instruction sheet, organic bonsai plant food.

This is a very unique listing. Albeit small in size, this dwarf indoor brush cherry tree has captured many features of a mature tree in nature. Its overall impression is that of a strong tree that shows an upright style determined by the shape of its trunk and balanced by its abundant branching and new shoots. You'll be proud to display one of these minis in your office or room. The overall height 7" to 8". Planter shape and color may vary.

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