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Indoor Flowering Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree

Indoor Flowering Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree


• An exotic tree that will bring beauty into your home.
• Contains healthy and bountiful leaves with white to pink flowers bloom in warm weather.
• Sits in a charming white bowl with handpainted pink flowers.
• Tree comes with a general bonsai care sheet, a sample bag of organic bonsai plant food.

This Sweet Plum bonsai is an exquisite and beautiful addition to your home. The elegant plant is abundant with small, dainty leaves that will eventually blossom into white to pink flowers. It sits in a graceful, white container that is printed with a Japanese tree blooming with pink flowers. While embracing similar features to a mature tree in nature, the upright style of this miniature 6" to 9" bonsai still retains the properties of a domestic plant that will enhance the indoors of any household. This is a tropical plant, and it is not recommended to ship the tree out to a cold region during the adverse wintry season.

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