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Indoor 'Wood by The Pond' Forest Bonsai Centerpiece

Indoor 'Wood by The Pond' Forest Bonsai Centerpiece


• Feng Shui and Zen Reflection bonsai design 
• In handmade Japanese stoneware “oku-korai” style bonsai water container
• Evergreen trees that keep their beautiful, green color throughout the year 
• Bring intrinsic beauty to any home or office.
• Easy care

The picture shows a sample setting of the customized arrangement. No two bonsai design would look exactly the same; but the overal display would show a Zen refection. Description: These Buddhist Pine seedlings have been arranged in this quality handmade container as a bonsai grove; they were created and managed from many seeds that were left sprouted at different time. Imagining you are walking on a trail that lead to mountain summits; meander along high ridges, or into open desert; or through a forest, which offers a different perspective at every turn, a boulder or shrub that you have to step around in order to see the next view, this design captures all the above effects in spite of its much smaller scale in comparison with its true nature cousin. The design offers an awareness of depth, as well as a sense of adventure and discovery. The result is very lovely; it has captured many features of a natural landscape.

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