Our "Planting Warmth" campaign is not only created as a form of art for gift giving and collecting, but also to bring warm wishes to people in despair. We will give a small percentage of the revenue from each order to people who are dismal from hardship.

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You can make a purchase to participate in the drive or, if you are interested, subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about the "Planting Warmth" campaign. 

Miniature Baby Aloe Bonsai Flowering Plant


About the plant: Miniature bonsai aloe baby bonsai plant, approximately 3-year-old. It is a subtropical succulent plant with very shiny green-and-white leaves and toothed edges creating a very ornamental look. Slow growing to about 2 inches. Does well indoors with temperatures ranges from 70 to 90 degrees. Great bonsai especially for beginners. Size: 3-year-old baby plant sitting in 3" white porcelain container.

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