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Spruce Conifer Bonsai Memory Tree

Spruce Conifer Bonsai Memory Tree

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• Keeping Treasured Moments Alive Forever - The perfect gift for any occasion or event, made to last
• Can be planted and grown as part of a garden landscape or kept as a potted bonsai tree
• Consists of 4-5 year old conifers [northern spruce] shaped to a dwarf form with a total height of about 9”
• Unique handmade and hand painted biodegradable container 
• Comes with instructions and organic bonsai food

Everyone wants to keep their cherished memories alive forever, but time flies, and special moments quickly fade away. How do you keep your special memories alive? 

Bonsai Etc. is proud to present a unique and incomparable gift – a bonsai plant perfect for any event. This bonsai can be planted in the ground in its original container and, over time, transforms from a bonsai in dwarf form to a valued and flourishing tree in your garden. Plant your memories to experience the renewal of life. 

This lovely bonsai tree is a novel way to remember and keep close to you the most important and treasured moments in your life. This small beautiful tree offers a fresh perspective on life through the comfort of nature and the renewal of life in the planted bonsai tree. The gift of a flourishing plant is deeply meaningful and fitting for all occasions. Perfect for new beginnings such as weddings, baby showers, moving into a new home, or your child’s bittersweet move into college. 

This memory tree can also serve as a symbol in remembrance of a lost loved one, to start on the road to recovery and healing. 

This surprisingly affordable bonsai memory tree comes in a traditional, natural looking, handcrafted and hand painted container. The tree and container are one, and can be displayed indoors and then planted in the ground to ensure its continued growth. It is not necessary to transplant the tree from the container into the ground. Its container is easily degradable in soil, and the prong-like feet on the bottom of the container can be twisted and burrowed into the earth to stabilize it. After setting the tree into the ground, the tree’s roots will grow through the drainage holes located on the bottom of the pot, allowing the plant to continue its growth in the soil. The container is coated with plant nutrients to support the tree’s growth as the container naturally degrades over time. 

Your plant can be customized to best fit the occasion, selecting the shade of the pot and the type of plant to suit the event. Choose from natural earthy hues, or brighter tones such as lighter pinks and blues. The pots are durable and yet, completely biodegradable. Plants also come in various shapes and styles. They can be in the upright style, or in a canopy-like bouquet style, or spread out horizontally. 

For those who prefer to keep their Bonsai Memory Tree indoors, they can plant the tree into an authentic Japanese handmade ceramic container perfect for an indoor setting. Please contact me for these special requests and specific indoor tropical plants.

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