The Bright and Festive Dwarf Bonsai Forest in Luminous Procelain Container

The Bright and Festive Dwarf Bonsai Forest in Luminous Procelain Container


• This item especially promotes the living of green environment.
• The tree is planted in a unique shape white procelain container.
• The tree brings a bit of the bright outdoors into the glum of the indoors. Its interesting appearance brings a new and different aspect to a room. 
• It would be a great gift for someone who will be going on a vacation to a bright and sunny place, as it looks like a palm tree grove.
• Come with organic bonsai food, general bonsai care instruction. 

The beautiful and exotic Dwarf Forest Bonsai is similar in appearance to a palm tree grove, possessing vivid green leaves, and is native to the Tropics; it would make a lovely, festive centerpiece for an office desk, or home table or dresser. The tree is surrounded by vegetation in a luminous white procelain container. The height is about 8 inch high, plants are easy to care for and thrives in an indoor environment, making it a perfect present for a beginner. This Dwarf Forest Bonsai makes a perfect gift of congratulations for a party, or for any other occasion. The number of trees may vary from the picture has shown.


Our "Planting Warmth" campaign is not only created as a form of art for gift giving and collecting, but also to bring warm wishes to people in despair. We will give a small percentage of the revenue from each order to people who are dismal from hardship.

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